Top 25 Skills for Infopreneurs

There are a broad range of skills needed to build an information products business.  Nobody is great at everything and most infopreneurs need help (or advice) in at least one or more areas.  I started out thinking about the top 25 skills you need, but then came up with a lot more!

What kind of skills specifically do you need to build world class information products?

  1. Expertise
    • Core Knowledge – what are the best reference materials?
    • Research – what is cutting edge or new trends?
    • Experts – who are the thought leaders or the “masters” in your profession?
    • Synthesis – what are the key concepts and how can they be simplified?
    • Frameworks – how can key concepts be put into a practical easy-to-use system?
  2. Marketing
    • Messaging – who can you help? what problem can you solve? what are the benefits?
    • Story – what’s your story?  how does it explain the “why” in your business?
    • Communication – how can video, email, and social media help get your message out?
    • Networking – where do you find strategic partners? how do you cultivate 1-on-1 relationships?
    • Copywriting – what is “speak writing”? how do you write great sales copy?
    • Campaigns – why is a sequenced campaign critical to building an infobusiness?
    • Social media – what is the role of social media? how do you manage it?
    • SEO – how do you drive organic traffic to your website? does it pay to advertise?
    • Conversion – how do you convert fans into customers?
  3. Systems
    • Websites – what type of website do you need?  how do you build it?
    • Email Lists – how do you get fans to “opt-in”?  how do you broadcast emails?
    • Purchasing – what systems do you need to accept payments online?
    • Automation – how do you manage the marketing and sales process?
    • Online Events – how do you create teleseminars, webinars and live events online?
    • Membership Sites – how do you create subscription services?
    • New applications – how do you stay current with the latest technologies?
  4. Products
    • Packaging – what are all the different ways to package and sell information products?
    • Pricing – how do price your products and services?  why are tiered-pricing so important?
    • Positioning – how should you position your products?  what do you give away vs. sell?
    • Promoting – how do you develop products so they are easier to promote?
  5. Partners
    • Leveraging – why are partners so critical to leveraging your information products?
    • Alignment – how do you find partners that are interested in promoting your products?
    • Incentives – how much should you offer?  what incentives can you offer other than money?
    • Sponsors – how do you attract sponsors?  what sponsors should you avoid?

These are the kinds of questions infopreneurs need to address.  That is why we started the InfoCrowd meetup. The goal of the InfoCrowd is to  share knowledge and help each other to produce products that have impact and generate income.  Let’s get the conversation started!  Post your thoughts in the comments below, or better yet, join us at the next InfoCrowd meetup.

Roger Glovsky is co-founder of Indigo Venture Law Offices, a business law firm based in Colorado and Massachusetts, which provides legal counsel to entrepreneurs and high-tech businesses. Mr. Glovsky is also founder of InfoCrowd, a networking group for information entrepreneurs and, a collaboration and networking site for lawyers.

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