The “Know, Like, and Trust” Factor

I don’t care how great your product or service is.  If people don’t knowlike, and trust you, they won’t buy your products or services.

It’s that simple!

Why do patients go to one doctor and not another?  Why do customers go to one mechanic instead of another?  Why do so many people buy Apple products instead of other computers or smart phones?

Because they know, like, and trust the person or company selling the products or services.

This is the “KLT Factor”.  It is the essential ingredient for business success.

How do you get customers to know, like, and trust you?

It’s based on your story.  Who are you?  What have you been doing?  What experiences have you had?  What were your struggles?  What challenges have you overcomes?  How did you overcome them?

If you answer those questions, you begin to have a story.  If you answer those questions theright way, you begin to attract customers.

So, you see, story is at the heart of every successful business.  Learning how to craft your story may be the single most important thing you can do to help your business to take off in 2013!

If don’t already have a story that brings thousands of customers to your door, then you don’t want to miss the next InfoCrowd meetup on March 6th.

Our speaker, Richard Palmer-Smith, is a master at transforming an entrepreneur’s passion into words.  He has a talent for tapping into the entrepreneur’s life purpose and connecting to their business in a way that attracts customers and clients.

How do I know that Richard is that good?

I had the pleasure of working with Richard twice last year.  In just a few hours, he was able to turn a boring lawyer’s background into an engaging story that captured the attention of every person in the audience.

It was that simple.  Getting the right story in front of people, brings you as a speaker to life.  It creates the KLT factor.

Almost 7 months after Richard helped me deliver that first talk, I still get compliments from people who were at that speech and who feel like they know me.  It’s like becoming a celebrity over night.  And if I can do it on a small stage, think of what you can do on a large stage.

I didn’t mean this to sound like a testimonial for Richard.  I simply wanted to encourage everyone not to miss the next InfoCrowd meetup on March 6th.  Anything you can do to improve your story, will improve your business.

Even though I know Richard well, I’m looking forward to hearing him speak.  I learn something new every time I see him on stage.  Don’t miss this event!


Roger Glovsky, Organizer
InfoCrowd LLC

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